We are a committed Nelson based company who install solar power and energy storage solutions into homes and businesses

providing them with the power to make a difference.

Our Vision

To see people benefiting from having the right equipment installed, the right sized solar array to match the energy demand, along with smart in-home wiring where needed, to help maximize the benefits,

and to talk to people, talk about the advances, and advantages, of the latest technology so that more people can benefit from this truly renewable resource ”

At Solar Sure we are committed to providing a quality service which is supported by our core values.

  • We take a 20 year+ design approach.

  • We help make energy, environmental, and real dollar savings.

  • We are highly experienced, qualified and capable.

  • We excel in our field with efficiency and safety.


Meet the team


Jon Pirie - Registered NZ Electrician/Inspector (I-2834)

Electrical Installer - Solar Sure Technical

Jonathan Pirie is a practicing NZ Registered Electrician / Inspector.  Jon is one of only 5 in New Zealand who holds the Australian Clean Energy Council accreditation (Grid Connect Design / Install A3627541 ).  CEC is the only formal training regime for solar installers in Australia and NZ that requires Continuing Professional Development Points bi annually to remain accredited. This gives our customers assurance that the latest AUS/NZ standards are adhered to and their solar install is to the CEC guidelines. 

Founder of Bluewater Electrics Marine and Solar (2000), Jon is integral through the solar process from the initial site assessment, sunshine / weather data, analysing the household energy profile to match the ideal kWhr generation and maximise your return on investment.  Jon oversees your project from Lines company application for Distributed Generation through to third party inspection and Network connection to ensure the system is installed to the relevant NZ standards.

Jon is from a merchant marine background sailing as Electrical Officer on various container, LPG and research vessels during the 1980's and 90's. He has been at the forefront of remote renewable energy projects in Antarctica (Greenpeace) and the Tuvalu Pacific Islands (SolarCity). A notable career milestone for Jon was seeing Antarctica gaining World Park Status after he had been on two Greenpeace base resupply missions in 1989 and 1991.

There is definitely a feel good factor doing solar installs particularly when receiving customer feedback about ongoing savings. Our customers really get a kick out of their new power plant. I enjoy getting in the bush and boating but the latest Solar technology bulletin is never far away from arm’s reach.

IMG_2047 (2).jpg

Damon Moore - Registered (ECANZ) Master Electrician [E245860] (ECANZ-4088)

Electrical installer - Energy Advisor 

Damon founded 100% Electrical Ltd in 2004 and has worked in most fields of the electrical industry including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Marine.

Damon has worked on many internationally contracts in countries including Australia, the UK, Singapore, and the Middle East, and has held key roles ranging from Team leader, Technical Support, Supervisory, and Project Management.

He's also enjoyed a wide range of challenges within the industry, and has most recently embraced the exciting, dynamic, and growing industry within the Solar Photo-Voltaic field.  

Damon has wired in an excess of 150+ installs in the Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay and Marlborough areas, and has a fundamental understanding of the many different products on the market, how they perform, and the positive changes that they can make to people and the environment. He knows how to match the right product to suit the individual needs of any energy consumer, and knows first hand how solar really works, and how it benefits not only the power bill at home, but also the community as a whole.

I’ve invested in this technology at home, and i’m really excited about the recent advances that have taken place within the PV solar industry. The products that are now available to help with efficiency and operation of energy consumption within the home are really quite outstanding. Couple that with the latest in battery storage and technology, makes way for some truly exciting home energy management.

And with PV Solar as efficient as it now is, along with the incredible storage capacity of the latest in battery design, it’s exciting to know that this technology will no doubt help to facilitate the movement away from our current reliance on fossil fuels, to a cleaner, greener, healthier future.


Joe Nagel - Mechanical roofing ninja extraordinair 

Joe began his solar career in Denver, Colorado with Namaste Solar, a highly renowned residential, commercial, and industrial solar energy provider. His passion for the environment and building coalesced into a career in photovoltaics that has seen him install with businesses of all sizes across the world. Within Namaste's employee-owned co-op business model Joe quickly rose from an entry level employee to being on the path to co-ownership, training new employees, and advocating for a more diverse workforce. 

After stepping away from his career to travel for a year he was hired as a solar site surveyor by SolarCity, the largest solar energy provider in the US with over 15,000 employees. In the past few years Joe has been responsible for over 100 installs and 300 site surveys. His travels have taken him across the Pacific and the equator to sunny Nelson, New Zealand. Though he works on north-facing roofs now, his dedication to safety and customer satisfaction remain the same.

I am thrilled to be working with renewable energy and doing my small part to combat climate change. It helps to join a small business in which the owners, salesmen, electricians, and project managers are one and the same. Damon and Jon are highly skilled energy professionals and are on par with the finest, most experienced electricians I’ve had the pleasure to work beside.